Mercado Solutions

Quality market researches, both qualitative and quantitative, build solid foundation for decision making processes.

We have an unrivaled team with extensive experience in carrying out research studies in the Greater China Region. Top-tier research professionals with solid experience have been appointed to take charge of our fieldwork and data processing team. All the research projects that we handled strictly follow the ESOMA quality control standard.

With full range of necessary facilities, insightful marketing knowledge and cutting edge research technology, MSA offers different tailor-made ad-hoc research services  

Feasibility Study

Conjoint Studies

Market Tracking Studies

Market Segmentation Studies

Product Positioning Studies

Brand Price Sensitivity Studies

Brand Image Studies

Potential Market Demand Studies

New Product Concept Test

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Packaging Test

Social Opinion Survey

At MSA, we have a very strong culture of running an extra mile for our clients. Local agencies do what clients ask for, while our services cover more than that. We would offer analysis, which is always lacking in other agencies, after research completed.

What’s more, our people would proactively make suggestions and advices to clients, merely for the good of clients’ business.


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