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Apart from end-to-end qualitative and quantitative research services, we offer a series of additional services which are aimed at enhancing your research effort.

If you have a team of experts who could perform outstanding analysis and extract the most from results, but no one to organize and hold fieldworks for you, we could act as your extended fieldwork team.

If you have finished your research, but need somebody to reach your customers and potential customers via phone, we could be your marketing arm.

We also welcome overseas PR, marketing and research agencies, when they require facilities, focus group participants as well as fieldwork team to contact research in Hong Kong, the financial hub in the Asia.

Qualitative research services we are offering include:

  • Focus Group
  • One-to-one In-depth Interview

Focus Group

MSA focus group service lets you understand how well your messages are received by customers and the mass audience, for example, how they feel or think about your products, services, brand, product lineup as well as your TV commercials.

To ensure you get what you expect from focus group sessions, MSA employed a team of elites with in-depth know-how as well as solid experience in marketing research and industry analysis.

We also have an extensive network that spread across a wide spectrum of human network, which makes our recruitment of focus group candidates much efficient.

The effectiveness of our focus group service could also be attributed to the best-of-the-class facilities, including two focus group rooms which are tailor made for two different settings – one is for formal executive discussion; while another allows causal discourse. Moreover, MSA have excellent facilities focus group session recording that suit the needs of our clients.

Last but not the least, our viewing room is equipped with a single-mirror, which allows you to closely monitor progress of focus group sessions

One-on-One In-depth Interview

One-on-One In-depth Interview serves very similar purpose of focus group, but it might be different from focus group in the following ways:

  1. The topics and contents are highly sensitive, so that they can’t be discussed in group.
  2. Participants can hardly gather with the others to take part in group discussion. For example, senior executives in multinational enterprises are too busy to participate in focus groups.

In such cases, we would send our experienced executives to pre-arranged venues, like interviewees’ offices or hotel business centers to conduct the interviews with these people.

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