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At MSA, we utilize different research techniques to add value to the projects we conducted for our clients. Our skillful consultants, with the best technique in specific area, are appointed to help you. To name a few of our common techniques, they include:

SWOT Analysis


Strategic Analysis

Mystery Shoppers

SWOT Analysis

Have you ever tried to define marketing strategies, but you found that you just couldn't work it out. Do you know why? It might be because you know just a little about your strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats you are facing. In short, you are not clear the relationship between your strategic capability and environmental influences over your company.

MSA’s SWOT Analysis service portrays strengths and weaknesses of your company clearly on the one hand; while accurately examines the environmental factors like opportunities and threats on the other.

Having identified the internal and external factors of your operations, you could align your objectives and strategies properly so as to maximize possible return from your plans.

We adopt a structured approach to SWOT analysis, which covers all related aspects, so that customers could precisely formulate strategies and understand critical success factors to outperform your rivals.


Ever doubted why you lag behind the top player in the industry? Why don’t you compare the way you operate your business against theirs?

MSA’s Benchmarking service is a thorough assessment of your organization’s competence against that of “best in class” where to be found. Benchmarking has been developed into a comprehensive audit of organizations’ competence and critical factors in both the public and private sectors. 

MSA’s Benchmarking service not only compares you to competitors in your industry, but also covers organizations in completely different industries, so potential partnership across industries for enhancing your operation could be reached.

By asking some fundamental questions on key areas of your operations, MSA extract the crucial elements from a benchmarking exercise and help you to build a wide strategic review:

  • Why do we provide these services and products?
  • Why do we provide these services and products in such ways? Or Why don’t in another?
  • Is there any example of best practice that we can benchmark?
  • How can we improve our business processes from the comparison with examples of best practices?
  • Should we need to reformulate our strategies?
Strategic Analysis

MSA Strategic Analysis helps you to examine if any changes in your business plan could benefit your enterprise. The analysis covers key aspects of your operations, like your business, core competencies, corporate culture, the competition, the marketplace, and the individual and institutional customers.

A number of questions need to be answered: 

  • What are the products?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What do you communicate with your customers?
  • How and where do you deliver your messages?
  • How can you evaluate / justify your effort?
Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers is an exercise to improve customer service awareness of your service team. By doing so, your sales and turnover could then be stimulated. Instructions like certain behavior, asking questions, making complaints, purchasing goods and measuring some records will be given some mystery appointees, so that they will record how they are served by your frontline staff. For example, how long it takes for you staff responding to our mystery shoppers.

The exercise is to push for a better customer insight on how your customer service functions are performed. The gathered information will be critical to performance management and service improvement initiatives.

Some of the common details and information that the shoppers will be looking for include:

  • the date and time of shop visit / phone call
  • number of employees in the store
  • how long it takes before a mystery shopper is greeted
  • whether or not a greeting is friendly
  • number of questions needed to ask by a shopper to find a suitable product
  • types of products shown
  • if or how an employee attempt to close the sale
  • whether an employee invited a shopper to come back to the store
  • overall shopping environment, like cleanliness
  • speed of service
compliance with company standards related to service, store appearance, and grooming/presentation


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